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The Art of Discipline Vols 1 & 2 Purchased together

The Art of Discipline Vols 1 & 2 Purchased together

£102.00 £45.00

The Art of Discipline Vols 1 & 2 Purchased together

Compiled from the personal archives of an avid collector, many of this drawings have not been seen in the public domain for a period of over fifty years. Nearly 600 exquisite images from the golden age of disciplinary illustration have been stylishly presented in a 210 page, A4 size hardback including more than 60 from Louis Malteste, over 40 from G. Topfer and more than 30 from Jim Black, plus dozens of drawings by Beloti, Dagy, Hegener, Herric, Milewski, Soulier, Wigead, and many others.

Entire classic collections are also featured, including ‘Three Painful Years’, ‘Frenzies’, ‘Flora en Pension’, ‘A Dominant Mistress’, ‘Récits Piquants’, amongst others. Hundreds of unattributed drawings from the cruel to the comic also cover such subjects as School, Domestic Discipline, Punishment Postures, The Weaker Sex, and Judicial Punishments. Without a shadow of doubt, this fine tome is the definitive pictorial history of the smacked bottom!

At the time it was produced, The Art of Discipline was, without a doubt, the greatest single source of disciplinary art ever published between hard covers. The original volume could not, and did not, claim to be totally comprehensive in its assembly of images and now, this second volume clearly surpasses its highly distinguished predecessor! Comprising 40 per cent more images—820 instead of 570, The Art of Discipline Volume Two also contains 16 full colour plates. 

Divided into three parts, ‘Artists and Collections’ depicts the work of the most
talented artists through the ages, including many still active today. ‘Personalities’ is sub-divided into sections featuring ‘The Dominant Female’; ‘The Dominant Male’; ‘The Schoolmaster’; and ‘Judicial Punishment’. ‘A Miscellany’ includes disciplinary scenarios in commercial advertisements, seaside postcards, “what-the-butler-saw” stereo viewing machines, films and TV, comics and cartoons, plus vintage photographs and a selection of spanking machines!